Whal Myung WM5 Serums

Sometime around the beginning of April, on the 11th to be exact, I published a blog post on the A. True mist and cream and thought to myself, "Gosh!  I feel so accomplished and motivated!  I'm going to totally write 2 blog posts a week and keep up on reviewing all these amazing products!"  Well. ... Continue Reading →

A. True Black Tea Mist and Cream

I'm a hardcore coffee drinker.  I've always had a deep and unending love for coffee in all its beautiful forms.  Americanos, lattes, affogatos, or just plain ol' drip. This doesn't mean there isn't room in my heart for a good cuppa though.  I'm a huge fan of tea, both for the taste and all the... Continue Reading →

Adventures in DIY featuring Zenful

I'm generally not someone to look at skin care and think "I could totally make that!"  I'm more of the "Omg take all of my money you beautiful bottle you." sort.  I'm discovering a recent love of indie skincare, and I'm more than happy to support these small businesses and companies. That being said, sometimes... Continue Reading →

Beta Glucan, a Love Story

I have rather resilient skin.  I rarely have reactions to products and I generally don't bother to patch test.  I've had negative reactions to maybe three things over the last few years, and I rarely break out.  I am careful with acids though, due to my Curology prescription (4% niacinamide, 4% azelaic acid, 0.05% tretinoin)... Continue Reading →

Olive + M, olive oil based skincare

Olive + M is a company located in Texas that uses an olive oil base for all of their products.  They only use domestically sourced ingredients and have a focus on sustainability.  They label themselves a natural skincare company and this is reflected in their products, which only contain plant-based ingredients. Olive oil is touted... Continue Reading →

A brief history of my face

I spent quite awhile trying to decide what my first post should be about.  Should I do a review?  Talk about a brand I love?  Finally chat in-depth about dermarolling?  There's so many options but nothing really stood out to me as a premier post. I've finally settled on doing an introduction.  My assumption is... Continue Reading →

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