Natura Brasil, sustainable skincare from the Amazon

One of the things I love about skin care is discovery.  New products, new ingredients, new brands.  Expanding my reviews into a longer blog form has given me the opportunity to learn more about what I’m using.  Adding a few ingredients to spotlight on each product has given me a more in-depth knowledge of what I’m using and why it’s beneficial to my skin.  Today I’m reviewing a brand that is not only new to me, but also contains ingredients that I haven’t experienced before.


Natura Brasil (all links are non-affiliate) is a Brazilian based skin care company that was started in 1969 near the Amazon rainforest.  They have a focus on sustainability, both in their packaging and ingredients.  They work directly with the communities and families they source their ingredients from, and put a lot of thought into all aspects of their business.

Natura has a wide range of products on their website.  They offer skin care, body care, shower products, hair care, and even perfumes.  Everything is full of nourishing ingredients unique to their locale. Açaí, pitanga, cacau, cumaru, and murumuru to name a few.

I was contacted by Chok Chok Social to try a few of their products and was initially sent the face cream and cleanser, and have since received the oil, moisturizer, and makeup remover.  I just began using the latter three and will review them in a few weeks.

TL;DR at the very end.

Natura Brasil Energizing face cream



(From their site) Brazilian Jambu Extract combined with plant-derived polyphenols relax skin micro-tensions, protect against free radicals, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Enriched with nourishing Cupuaçu Butter, for immediate and long-term hydration.
– Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
– Relaxes skin micro-tensions
– Protects against free radicals to prevent early signs of aging.
– Softens signs of fatigue
– Renews skin energy
-Leaves skin youthfully soft and radiant


Jambu flower.jpg
Flowering Jambu plant

Jambu extract (Acmella oleracea) Jambu oil is extracted from the flowers, stems, and leaves of the plant, and is used both medicinally and topically.  Also known as the “toothache plant” due to the mild numbing it creates, it is becoming known as a milder alternative to Botox.  Applies topically it is a muscle relaxant, thereby creating a similar freezing and firming effect.

Cupuaçu Butter A rich and moisturizing ingredient, this has a high level of polyphenols for a serious antioxidant boost.  In addition this contains stearic (fatty) acid and phytosterol (similar to cholesterol) to nourish  the skin.

Full ingredients list

aqua, cyclopentasiloxane, glycerin, nylon-12, dicaprylyl, carbonate \, c12-15, alkyl benzoate, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl, taurate copolymer, isononyl, isononanoate, squalane, phenoxyethonal, dimethicone crosspolymer, glyceryl stearate, theobroma grandiflorum (cupuacu) seed butter, theobroma cacao seed butter/theobroma cacao (cocoa)seed butter bisabbolol. peg-100 stearate, triethanolamine, xantham gum, acrylates/c10-30alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, polysorbate 60, parfum (fragrance), tocopheryl, acetate, disodium edta, bht, spilanthes acmella (jambu)flower/leaf/stem extract, hydrolyzed candida saitoana extract, polysorbate 80, sorbitan isostearate, peg-4 luarate, peg-4 diluarate, camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract, caprylyl glycol, theobroma cacao seed extract/theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed extract, peg-200, iodopropynyl, butylcarbamate, ethylhexylglycerin, tocopherol, maltodextrin, acetyl tetrapeptide-2, conobea scoparioidides (pataqueira) leaf oil, silica, citronellol, butylphenyl methylpropional, alpha-isomethyl inone

Packaging and price



The packaging on this really reflects the companies focus on sustainability.  This comes in a thick glass jar with a plastic lid, as well as a recyclable plastic insert.  Once you’ve used the last of this cream you can pop out the insert and replace it with a refill.  Both the full jar and replacement are available on their site.  $40 for 40 ml and the refill is $32 for 40ml (all links are non-affiliated)

Usage and results

I’ve been using this cream for a little over a month, 4.5 weeks to be exact.  I use this each night as the final step before a sleep mask, mixed with half a dropper of oil.  I had used this without the oil for around a week but found I needed a little bit more richness for my dry skin.  This isn’t unique to this cream though, I add oil to almost any moisturizer I use.

Medium texture that absorbs fairly quickly for a cream


The texture is a medium weight cream, it has a creaminess to it but it isn’t very occlusive.  I’m personally not a fan of heavy feeling creams, even with my dry skin I find many of them to be too much.  The energizing face cream feels rich and nourishing, and absorbs in around 10 minutes.  It has a fresh floral fragrance to it that I initially didn’t like, but it wasn’t strong enough to deter me from using it.  It’s grown on me though and now I quite enjoy it.

This cream has proven to be enough to keep my skin well moisturized through the night, I wake up with plump and healthy looking skin.  My biggest sign that a cream isn’t working for me is finding my skin flakey in the mornings, no matter how many layers I’ve applied before.  I haven’t had a single morning of peeling skin since I began using this.  As for any freezing and lifting affects from the Jambu extract I haven’t noticed any.  It does a beautiful job at moisturizing though!

My final thoughts are this is a wonderful cream with some clever packaging, having the option to repurchase a refill is a very attractive feature.

Natura Brasil Gentle Cleansing Mousse



(From the website) For all skin types. Cleans gently but thoroughly.  Purifies and softens skin for a radiant complexion.  Lightweight non-stripping formula maintains skin’s natural balance


aqua, glycerin, sorbitol, decyl glucoside, propanediol, cocamidopropyl betain, potassium cocoyl glycinate, polysorbate 20, sorbitan caprylate, parfum (fragrance), hydroxyacetophenone, potassium cocoate, phenoxyethanol, polyqauternium-10, tocopheryl acetate, tetrasodium edta, sodium hydroxide, conobea scoparioides (pataqueira) leaf oil, citric acid, sodium carbonate, sodium chloride, butylphenyl mehtylpropional, citonellol

Packaging and price

This comes in a sturdy plastic bottle that has a bit of a dip at the top to make it easier to hold with wet hands.  The pump dispenses the cleanser as a foam.  This is listed on their site for $22 for 150 ml

Usage and results

I started using this cleanser 5 weeks ago, so I’ve had a lot of time with this.  It tests in at a ph of 5.6 on my digital reader, so it’s right in the range I want for a cleanser.  I use this as my second cleanser each evening, immediately after my oil cleanser.  Two pumps covers my face and neck.  It has the same floral fragrance as the cream, only much lighter.  The scent does disappear once I rinse my face.

It’s.  So.  FLUFFY.

My skin is left feeling clean but not stripped, there’s no dry, tight feeling after.  I have been enjoying this cleanser a lot, I love a nice fluffy foam.  This really is a gentle cleanser and I would recommend it for all skin types, though those with sensitive skin may want to tread carefully due to the fragrance.


Natura Brasil Energizing Face Cream: A wonderful cream with some clever packaging.  I would absolutely purchase a refill for this.

Natura Brasil Gentle Cleansing Mousse: A pleasant foaming cleanser with a ph of 5.6, cleanses skin with no stripped feeling.

I’m very happy to have been introduced to this company.  I love their ethic and so far have loved their products.  Thank you to Chok Chok Social for giving me the opportunity to try these!

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